Cool Beans

Not too long ago it was seemingly impossible to find good coffee in my Upper, Upper West Side neighborhood. Jason and I were giddy when Joe moved in last year with its fancy latte art and almond croissants. Well, now there are two shmancy coffee places within a five block radius of my apartment – Joe to the south, and Kuro Kuma to the north.

Kuro Kuma – “black bear” in Japanese – serves Counter Culture coffee. They’re currently open just a little bit longer than Joe and menu prices are just a little bit lower. Smart. I put their iced coffee to the test this past Saturday before heading out on the town.

The verdict? Success! Pretty damn smooth. Welcome to the neighborhood, Kuro Kuma.

Kuro Kumo is located on LaSalle in Morningside Heights, between Broadway and Claremont.

Kuro Kuma on Urbanspoon


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